I am a grandmother of five small children, four living and one who died.

After four weeks with my young family living quietly through the tears as I folded clothes and swept floors, I came home to my wee cosey cottage and went to bed for a week.

It made sense. I was exhausted.

A few weeks before, whilst visiting a newsagent in Milngavie, I had been offered a map of The West Highland Way.  At the time I turned the offer down, but it did leave its mark!

Then, tucked up in the spare room, I found myself watching live BBC TV with Iain Robertson Rambles … and where?  Yes, along the West Highland Way!  Another seed, unknowingly, was sown.

Home again and one day I woke up late (I hated to wake up and remember) and had that light bulb moment.  If I walked the West Highland Way, and maybe just 5 miles a day over 21 days, no hurry,  I would need to prepare —- unlike the highest mountain we had just climbed without any preparation at all.

And to prepare, I would need to get out of bed and yes … walk!  I started making plans!

And so I am! For the past few mornings I have got up  and walked. A lightness in my soul and a spark in my heart.  I will lift myself out of my warm-bedded grieving depression …. and I will walk AND I will raise money for SiMBA.

And that is my intention.

You will find links on Still Birth, Memory Boxes, family rooms and more on the Support page.

* * * * *

I honour my family and thank them for allowing me to be part of this deep, deep journey.    You have changed my world forever.